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Visit to Print4, Italy (English version)

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KLEBEN`s visit to Print4 -
company producing textile wallcoverings

On May 17th KLEBEN`s specialists travelled to a company to make acquaintance with a «brother in trade». This time we went to Milan to Print4 a company which specializes in textile wallpaper production. The company is oriented in manufacturing of a wide range of textile wallcoverings from different types of fabrics with original designer patterns and weaves.

Angelino Besana, Евгений Медведев, Crocco Stefano
Angelino Besana, Евгений Медведев, Crocco Stefano

Why did Print4 deserve our particular attention? With a long history of its existence in the market of luxury wallpapers, Print4 is not only a unique company with its own traditions and professional features, but also represents the era of the three generations. Since 1973 the members of Besana family have worked hard for the benefit of the enterprise, investing in it all their knowledge, skills, and hot Italian hearts.

Besana, Angelino Besana, Евгений Медведев, Francesco Besana
Besana, Angelino Besana, Евгений Медведев, Francesco Besana

The President and founder of Print4 is the irreplaceable Angelino Besana.

Angelino Besana, President
Angelino Besana, President

Before establishing his own company for many years he was CEO of another company which also produced textile wallpapers. With this experience gained, he decided to open his business, where his son and grandson began to work subsequently.  So this business has become truly a family tradition.

Francesco Besana, Besana
Francesco Besana, Besana

By the way, his grandson has been helping his seniors at the factory since childhood. He is a prominent representative of the active young generation now, undertaking any possible job and doing as much with his own hands, all with the aim to improve Print4.

Francesco Besana
Francesco Besana

Initially the company, led by Angelino Besana, was focused on the production of fabrics for furniture and home decor.


The case went quite well, till the time when wallcoverings made from fabric materials began appearing on the market. Following the market demand, the company has studied and mastered its technology, first introduced the principle of fabric wallcoverings lamination and releasing them on paper basis.


In the 90’s, when the demand for textile wallpaper declined slightly, Print4 decided to expand the range of products and invested heavily in the creation of special machines for the production of fabrics for vertical and roller blinds.


Despite the fact that these kinds of fabrics are still very popular, textile wallpaper is still considered the main and most respected product in Print4.


But back to the factory itself, where we were greeted by three generations and treated as welcome guests. And besides the traditional Italian hospitality we felt the warmth and positivity of the people who really love what they do. It was evident that they put their hearts into the development and prosperity of the company, and are very partial to all achievements.

Crocco Stefano, Giusy Romano, Angelino Besana
Crocco Stefano, Giusy Romano, Angelino Besana

Family for them – both home and work. Joy for them — is a smile of the loved ones, and success of their business, because the responsibility for the common cause rests with relatives, not with strangers. Therefore, wallpaper collections, they create, have their own history, style and the highest quality.

Crocco Stefano, Giusy Romano, Angelino Besana и Евгений Медведев
Crocco Stefano, Giusy Romano, Angelino Besana и Евгений Медведев

The company produces any volume of luxury wallpaper on a by-order basis. As a rule, Print4 customers are representatives of the largest wallpaper brands such as Granat, Omexco, LediMore, Arte, etc.

Francesco Besana, H. Besana, Crocco Stefano, Евгений Медведев
Francesco Besana, H. Besana, Crocco Stefano, Евгений Медведев

Designers of both sides meet and work on future designs of wallpaper collections, agree the final design, after that the production of test samples of wallcoverings starts.

запускается производство тестовых образцов настенных покрытий.

It is very important that before showing them to the customer, Print4 employees not only print samples, but hang three fabric clothes on a special stand.

Print4 осуществляют не только печать, но поклейку трех полотен на специальный стенд.

All this is intended to explore how the textile will behave on the walls: if any technical defects appear, if the pattern looks harmonious, if there is some variations of tones and shades, etc. The whole process under technologists` monitoring, because any error is unacceptable.

Технологи тщательно следят за получаемым результатом, ведь любая погрешность недопустима.

If the test sample is ideal, and the customer agrees, Print4 proceeds to launch a collection in the production. This way Print4 produces about 100 thousand meters of textile wallcoverings per month.

Ежемесячно с завода итальянской компании выходит до 100 тысяч метров текстильных обоев.

Also unique is the fact that all the machines on which the woven textile wallpapers are being weaved, was engineered and built by the company Print4 itself on its own technology. Their creation has required much effort and ingenuity, but at the same time it is a result of careful consideration of all the details of wallpaper production.

все станки были тщательно разработаны, спроектированы и собраны самой компанией Print4 по собственным технологиям

For example only Print4 machines allow producing fabric clothes of three meters in width, these are then cut, if required into 2 pieces of 1.4 meters or 3 pieces of 1.0mt, which simplifies both production and transportation, and subsequent hanging.

их станки позволяют выпускать полотна шириной в три метра

Also Print 4 on this same machine can  produce the seamless wallcovering (3,25meter width) the backing is a weaved fabric support so there is no non-woven support the finished product comes off the loom ready to be put onto the wall.

Print 4 has a new weaving machine which can do repeats of 140 cm this is very interesting for spectacular and exclusive Damask designs.

The section with high-tech machines is in immaculate condition, because here the future collections of luxury wallpapers are born.

Print4 также может производить текстильные обои с повтором рисунка в 140 см

Therefore all processes are carried out in Print 4’s factory, weaving, bonding/laminating, trimming, packing and shipping. Inspection checks are carried out at each process.

In addition, the company for many years has been actively producing textile wallpapers on non-woven base. This technology allows creating a more robust and convenient in hanging and handling wallcoverings.

компания Print4 уже многие годы активно выпускает текстильные обои на флизелиновой нетканой основе

Incidentally, the density of the woven cloth, produced by Print4, is 69 fibers per 1 centimeter.

именно тканых обоев, которые производит Print4, составляет 69 нитевых волокон

Now Print4 company employs 15 people, who represent a united, highly reliable close-knit team.

компании Print4 трудится всего 15 человек

Each employee knows his job and gives himself up to it in full.

Каждый сотрудник знает свое дело и отдается ему сполна.

Every year, Print4 representatives exhibit at the largest specialized exhibition «Heimtexil» with its large stand. It should be noted that the share of the production of Print4 wall coverings for the Russian market is about 30% of the total volume of produced batches. As for global cooperation, Print4 customers scattered around the world and count more than 40 companies.

Among the wide range of customers there are those with which the company operates from its very foundation. For example, the very first customer was the company «Saint Honore» from Barcelona, which has been cooperating with Print4 up to the present day. All of this only confirms the fact that once obtained the quality and professionalism, the customers do not want to change anything and remain faithful to Print4.

Angelino Besana, Crocco Stefano
Angelino Besana, Crocco Stefano